Why do you need it‭?‬

The field of dignitary protection is the most complex one among the various security disciplines‭, ‬as any action or lack of it by‭ ‬the close protection agent can dramatically affect the outcome without the possibility of repair‭.‬


We aim to‭ ‬prevent ‬the attacker from acting‭.‬
Etos’s close protection courses are tailored to the client’s needs and profile‭.‬
After conducting a risk and intelligence assessment survey‭, ‬we will adjust the depth and content of training according to the client’s private and business environment perspective‭.‬

Our training courses are as follows‭:‬

– ‬Explosives detection

– ‬Human screening

– ‬Technological unit

– ‬Logistics of operational assistance

‭- ‬Tactical and defensive driving training

All courses are performed by the company instructors‭, ‬Israeli security services graduates‭, ‬shooting experts‭, ‬martial arts‭, ‬and close protection security experts‭. ‬All courses can take place in the client’s country and in Israel at Etos’s facilities‭.‬