Why do you need it‭?‬

Over the years‭, ‬the company has accumulated extensive knowledge of operational activities and acquaintance with other close protection units in the fields of: tactical practices‭, ‬combat training‭, ‬empowering and improvement of personnel‭, ‬dedicated training‭, ‬and exercises‭.‬

The best units in the world are those who continuously test themselves and adapt to local and global changes‭. ‬

Dignitary protection units that have suffered operational failure usually exhibit the most significant learning and improvement‭ ‬graphs‭.‬

Many units have not adapted themselves to the advanced security practices currently in use‭. ‬There is no need to fail to make improvements and adjust to the highest level now available‭.‬


Etos’s founders are veterans of the dignitary protection unit of the ISA‭. ‬During their service‭, ‬they managed and commanded hundreds of security operations in Israel and overseas and met numerous foreign dignitary protection units‭, ‬both private and governmental‭.‬
We will join in the day-to-day operational work‭; ‬carry out a comprehensive survey of the level of implementation‭; ‬and ensure familiarity with local laws‭, ‬as well as other areas that need to be improved‭.‬

Among other things‭, ‬we will examine‭:‬

After conducting the survey‭, ‬we will recommend best practices to the protection unit‭; ‬implement assimilation training‭; ‬and monitor the change process from start to finish‭, ‬including escorting managers and commanders‭, ‬and providing guidance and training for‭ ‬security guards‭.‬
Alongside the training of security personnel‭, ‬we will address the mental involvement of being a close protection agent‭, ‬the meaning and importance of the profession‭, ‬the value of discretion‭, ‬and the dedication involved‭.‬