Why do you need it‭?‬

Events such as summer camps‭, ‬sports events‭, ‬conventions‭, ‬and conferences are open and welcoming‭. ‬These kinds of activities are also attractive for attackers who seek to make a significant impact‭. ‬

Integrating security into events is not an easy task‭. ‬There is a natural conflict between the necessities of these two elements‭.‬

Planning and executing security for events‭, ‬whether they are large-scale or small‭, ‬in or outdoors‭, ‬open to the public or for invitees only‭, ‬requires experience‭, ‬expertise‭, ‬highly detailed planning‭, ‬and real understanding that security is a means to an end‭ ‬and not the main focus‭.‬


There are a lot of small details that need to be addressed‭, ‬many people to work with‭, ‬and a need for all of it to be managed‭. ‬Etos will lead and manage the integration between all key players‭, ‬such as production‭, ‬safety‭, ‬etc‭., ‬in the planning and execution‭ ‬of the event‭.‬

Etos’s experience in planning and executing security for large-scale‭, ‬versatile‭, ‬sensitive‭, ‬and complex events is vast and diverse‭: ‬from the Pope Mass in Jerusalem‭, ‬the United States president’s speech in front of thousands of people‭, ‬the prime minister of Israel at the opening ceremony of the Maccabiah games in front of a crowd of 14,000‭ ‬to the funerals of the late 9th president of the state Israel, Shimon Peres and Israeli P.M Ariel Sharon.