Why do you need it‭?‬

In the last few years‭, ‬we have witnessed a rise in attacks against Jewish and western facilities and locations around the world‭.‬

The attacks are being carried out by several elements‭:‬
‭- ‬Terror
‭- ‬Hate crimes‭ ‬
‭- ‬Mentally ill attackers

Due to the profiles of the attackers‭, ‬law enforcement agencies will have no intelligence nor warning in advance‭.‬

To minimize the chances of these attacks‭, ‬Etos has developed a highly effective method for increasing the level of security at facilities‭. ‬

The primary purpose of this method is to prevent the attacker from accessing a secure facility and the public by providing protocols and procedures and placing technological and physical means‭, ‬while at the same time producing an emergency plan aimed to protect people‭.‬


The first objective of an effective security measure is the detection of potential security threats‭, ‬risks‭, ‬hazards‭, ‬and gaps‭.‬
We define what must be protected and then identify exposures‭, ‬vulnerabilities‭, ‬and threats to those assets‭.‬

The second phase of a highly effective security measure is to deter threats according to the results of‭ ‬your extensive risk assessment‭.
This involves the physical display of the security measures in place within the premises to clearly announce to potential attackers that the target facility is highly secured‭. ‬
The overt presence of security guards and their actions‭, ‬CCTV cameras‭, ‬electric fences‭, ‬and other security measures serve as warning signals to deter attackers‭. ‬The goal is to keep attackers away‭! ‬

The third phase of a highly effective security measure is to delay threats‭. 
To delay means to forestall an eventual outcome‭. ‬In this case‭, ‬it means to delay unwanted attacks that can lead to the loss of lives‭.‬
Security measures must be in place to ensure that clients are shielded from attacks through delay mechanisms‭. ‬
The more obstacles‭, ‬the more the people are protected from threats‭, ‬risks‭, ‬and dangers‭.‬

The fourth phase of a highly effective security measure is defensive‭.  ‬Despite all the physical displays of‭ ‬the existence of security measures in a facility‭, ‬human error or relative advantage can cause the attacker to enter the secure facility‭.‬
If the attacker was still able to enter the facility‭, ‬we must establish an emergency plan‭.  ‬The plan will allow a time to react‭ ‬until law enforcement forces  arrive at the scene‭.‬

The fifth phase is the implementation phase of the various methods and protocols written to manage the‭ ‬security in the facility‭.‬
At this point‭, ‬we will be briefing employees and those with specific roles defined in the plans on how to operate the security procedures in different scenarios and according to the various emergency procedures‭. ‬