Why do you need it‭?‬

Practice makes perfect‭!‬

Training is not only for emergencies‭, ‬but it is also essential while following the routine security protocols to make the right‭ ‬decisions and take the right action‭. ‬

Furthermore‭, ‬training is not for security personnel only‭; ‬it is for all employees‭.  ‬They are a crucial part of keeping a workplace safe and emergency procedures efficient‭.‬


We provide experienced instructors who are dedicated to their field of work‭.‬
Our belief and methodology are that your professionalism does not stop at the end of the training session‭.  ‬Having repeated training at predetermined intervals will keep you on top of your game‭.  ‬Therefore‭, ‬Etos will build a training schedule that suits your needs‭.‬
We have the facilities for training all levels of security personnel‭, ‬in case you do not‭. ‬
Due to the differences between laws in different countries and even states‭, ‬Etos will fit the training according to the local rules of engagement and self-defense while keeping the basic tactics and strategies‭.‬

Etos provides the following training‭:‬

Our instructors are experts in their field‭, ‬and we will make sure to fit an accurate‭ ‬training structure to your needs‭.‬